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Sanjivani Group is a multi-dimensional organisation that has made its mark in Education, Sugar, Liquor, Ethanol, Dairy, Chemicals, Power generation and Pharma sector.  The organisation is based out of Kopargaon, 20 km away from the holy town of Shirdi.

We are one of the largest sugar manufacturers in the State of Maharashtra and we ensure that we produce the most by products of sugar, which are molasses.

We make the right use of the molasses by processing & converting it into alcohol for producing our liquor brands and also ethanol.

Sanjivani Spirits division operates in the country liquor segment, catering to the largest segment of the drinking population.

We are one of the Largest manufacturers of liquor brands in Maharashtra with a capacity of 120 KLPD running a bottling unit of 11 lines with a manufacturing and bottling capacity of 20000 cases per day.

Sanjivani is the owner of popular eponymous brands like "Bobby" Santra, which sells more than 3 million cases per annum. We also have a diverse portfolio of other flavour brands like Sanjivani Punch, Bobby Saunf and many other flavours like Mix fruit, Coconut, Kairi Panna, etc.

We are constantly striving and working towards making quality-conscious brands and experimenting with new flavours to cater to the pallets of different customers.

We are also the proud owners of  " Zingat". We are present in major districts of Maharashtra and are in the process of expanding into different markets and geography.


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Market Place

To promote responsible drinking and to continuously provide spirits of the highest quality and distinct flavours to the consumers.

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When we nurture nature, we build a fruitful future. We are committed to protecting the environment and ensuring the upkeep of the same. 

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People are the biggest wealth of an organisation. We promote the dignity of labour and respect for all.  

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We are committed to the society around us and investing in its wellbeing. We provide job and entrepreneurial opportunities to the locals and ensure their share in the economic development.

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