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Bobby Santra

Blended with strong orange-based flavours, Bobby Santra is loved by its patrons for its organoleptic taste and aroma. Its rich taste is a treat to the taste buds of any spirit lover.

Sizes available:
750ml / 180ml glass / 180ml pet / 90ml glass / 90ml pet

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Bobby Santra.png
Zingat Santra.png

Zingat Santra

Zingat is a distinct orange flavour with a subtle taste profile.  It’s a bit lighter and more complex in character! True to its name, Zingat has quite a fan base.

Sizes available:
180ml glass / 90ml glass


Sanjivani Santra

Santra has a bold, bright fennel flavour, but it’s light and balanced at the same time. Santra is made in a finely filtered vacuum distillation plant.

Sanjivani Santra 1.png

Sizes available:
180ml glass / 90ml glass

Bobby Sop.png

Bobby Saunf

Saunf is all about fennel, anise and other Indian spices. Having a smooth texture and fresh taste, the spirit is a Superior blend of fine distilled and rectified spirit.

Sizes available:
180ml glass / 90ml glass

Sanjivani Punch

Punch is a sweet and sour amalgam that comes accompanied by a bouquet of Indian spices and herbs. A desi take on lemony cocktails, the nimbu is also a favourite of country liquor drinkers, second only to the Santra.

Sizes available:
180ml glass / 90ml glass

Sanjivani Punch.png
Sanjivani Santra Primium.png

Sanjivani Premium Santra

Premium is the most-loved spirit. It comes with an irresistible flavour with bold aromas, but one that’s light and balanced.

Sizes available:
180ml glass / 90ml glass

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